2 SOl To 10 … or 100? The Upcoming NFT Mint With HUGE Utility.

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
9 min readJan 25, 2022

Today, we’re going to start “Big Brain,” then work our way down.

I want you to see here at the outset the logical conclusion to where we’re going so that you understand why a new project called The Fellowship promises to change so much of what we know as normal today. Where The Fellowship is logically headed tells me that Web 2.0 behemoths such as Facebook are going to face a very challenging future, even as they try to morph (likely with limited success) into Web 3.0 companies.

The Fellowship is creating a suite of tools — designed by a team of fully doxxed software developers who’ve worked for Boeing, Microsoft, and others — that will allow anyone, any group, any business to design, build, create, and mint their own collection of NFTs.

All plug-n-play.

Don’t need any technical skillsets.

Don’t need to know how to program a single line of code.

Don’t even need to know how to draw pixelated, Bored Stick Monkey.

Basically, with these tools, anyone can do everything necessary to build a fully functional, Web3.0-ready NFT project at big or small scale. That includes generative art, whitelisting, minting, and airdropping, among other services.

And here’s our Big Brain moment: Think about the Facebook Groups and all the subreddits on Reddit.

Millions of them.

Hell, Facebook alone has 620 million Facebook Groups globally; Reddit has more than three million subreddits. Think about the centralization. Think about the temporary and permanent bans that happen daily. Or the warnings that occur for violating some arbitrary rule buried deep in some centralized organization’s confining Terms and Conditions.

Now, think about creating a DAO for your Facebook Group and taking it off of Facebook and onto a decentralized, blockchain-based social-media site (those is one the way; more on that soon). And think about selling those NFTs to your members as the keycard that provides access to the DAO. And think about using those funds from the NFT minting to fund and grow your DAO. Think about having a truly free and open group that doesn’t have to kowtow to Mark Zuckerberg’s seemingly…

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)

Former Wall Street Journal writer living in Prague. Crypto and investing. Editor Global Intelligence Letter. Also on Substack: jeffoalpha.substack.com/