The Upcoming Mint That is The Answer to NFT Information Overload

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
12 min readFeb 8, 2022

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The universe determined on Jan. 31 that I am, in fact, a slow-witted gibbon with attention defic…


To wit: After reminding my readers a day or two earlier early that they should remember to stake their SOL Flowers NFTs on Jan. 31 to begin earning the new $FLWR token… I forgot to stake!

I can tell you exactly why (I mean, aside from the slow-witted gibbon gene pool). It’s because when you are swimming in an ocean of NFTs, the water isn’t calm. It’s a never-ending tsunami of data, information, research, dates, and deadlines for minting, staking, un-staking, airdrops, IDOs, whitelists, wallet-address insertions, and other various and sundry necessities required of you for keeping on top of your portfolio.

In short… NFTs are work!

Which is why I am absolutely, 100%, certain for sure minting Cubist Collective next week (week of Feb. 14; final date TBD).

This NFT project clearly tells me someone has tapped into my inner-monologue and, like a benevolent, all-knowing overseer, has decided to make my life just a smidge easier.

Like a data sherpa, Cubist promises to trek through my obese collection of Discord channels, as well as my increasingly obese NFT wallet, and pack up all the information I need to know about the projects I follow and, especially, the projects I already own.

I know some people will think, “Jeff, just use a spreadsheet, like I do.”

And that’s all well and good — I get it. I love my spreadsheets. But when you’re tracking scores of projects heading to mint, and when you own more than a dozen projects — and when you have a full-time job and three or four side-hustles working with and/or consulting/advising crypto, DeFi, and NFT firms, keeping up with everything becomes the equivalent of trying to capture a thunderstorm in a thimble.

Worse, you end up missing opportunities — like staking $FLWR or forgetting to make sure that my wallet was…

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