The Sandbox of Solana: A Tube in the Sky Minting on Feb 2.

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
9 min readJan 27, 2022

I love me a good metaverse.

Particularly one tied to a really cool, futuristic city that looks like a real city I’d love to live long enough to actually reside in one day. Nothing against cartoony, gamified metaverses, but I just don’t find them visually engaging. They’re not a place I might want to hang out all day.

But Heaven Land?

Well, it might just be heaven-sent for metaverse freaks like me.

Stick with me for a moment while I try to paint this picture for you:

Imagine the city of tomorrow from Disney’s Tomorrowland, and sort of love-child that with the reimagined version of a 26th century London from Netflix’s Brave New World. Now, set that city in space, within Earth’s orbit, so that you can look down on our little blue marble and it appears so close you could probably reach it by way of an hour’s journey. And then… wrap it around the interior of a megalopolis-sized tube called Tubus, with a city-sized, elevator-like transport column linking both sides of the tube right through the wide-open center.

That is Heaven Land.

Or, rather, this is Heaven Land

Frankly, the picture does no justice to what’s taking shape. When you finish reading this dispatch, go watch the one-minute, promotional video in a tweet pinned atop Heaven Land’s Twitter feed. If the video matches what the devs ultimately release on all of us, Heaven Land is simply gonna kick ass.

The metaverse is built in Unreal Engine 5, the most-advanced 3D-gaming/animation graphics rendering engine on the market today. So the “look” of Heaven Land is stunningly realistic. The avatars look and move like humans. The landscape looks lifelike in its believability. The architecture looks authentically real and authentically futuristic. Indeed, the 15-member team behind this project is packed with artists, game developers, IT and blockchain specialists, and, well, architects responsible for creating the building blocks for structures that will look just like real buildings should look.

All of which begins to explain why I will be minting Heaven Land NFTs next week, on 2 February at 18:20 UTC (12:20 pm, US East Coast), on the Magic Eden launchpad.

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)

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