Photo Finish Live: The Web3 Horse Racing Game Generating Tens of Thousands in Passive Income

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
14 min readNov 21, 2023

Maybe I just have an addictive personality.

Or maybe I’m just drawn to video games that make me think and strategize and own the right assets for the moment.

Whatever the case, I’m addicted to Photo Finish Live, a blockchain-based horse racing game that is so much more than that basic description.

NOTE: This story first appeared in my Ministry of Alpha NFT newsletter on Substack. I have reprinted it here with minor modifications.

Photo Finish Live is to a typical video game what Fortnite is to a 1970s-era Atari 2600. Worlds apart.

One of my horses Dr. Fomo winning a race.

I want to tell you about Photo Finish Live because the game offers a legitimate opportunity to earn passive income racing digital horses, breeding horses, investing in the race tracks that populate the game… and, of course, wagering on the races. One example of what’s possible: A horse named Shockwave, retired and out in the pasture breeding, earned $35,000 in a single week through “stud fees” as digital fillies lined up for some e-lovin’ in order to breed a better caliber of racer.

In another example, a stable that owns scores of horses has earned over the last seven months more than $900,000 in distributions of $CROWN, an in-house…



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