High-Quality NFTs to Buy on the Cheap in a Down-Bad Market

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
9 min readJul 28, 2022

NOTE: This dispatch originally ran on my Ministry of Alpha page at Substack in early June. This has been slightly edited for content and timing.

I tweeted a thread several weeks ago offering some thoughts on all the other threads I’ve been seeing that are aimed at helping NFT buyers/owners/investors cope in this down-bad market. My takeaway: Stories and social media threads about coping in a bear market are a sign that we are probably nearer to the bottom than most people would believe.

Which means that as investors we’re no longer trying to “catch a falling knife.”

We have the chance now to examine all the fallen knives that are now stuck in the butcherblock, and we can determine which projects are truly undervalued and that we might want to grab on the cheap.

That’s what I have been doing of late with some investible cash. I’ve been wading into certain projects and buying here and there because I also see a lot of opportunities in this market right now — projects priced from a couple of SOL to those that are tens of SOL.

To that end, I’ve been metaphorically strolling through the warzone of bloodied NFTs, looking for those that are basically the walking wounded — projects that are distressed (some deeply) amid the ongoing FUD, but which are clearly going to survive to see a brighter tomorrow.

Just to save you time if you don’t want to read this entire story, the NFTs are:

  • The Suites
  • Yaku Corp. (avatars, bikes with Yakuzy or Yakulite weapons, and capsules)
  • Portals Genesis Citizen Cards
  • Parlay

Those are in no particular order, but I consider them all to be high-quality NFTs run by teams that actually give a shit and are going to be here, still building, when the bear market gives up the ghost to a new bull.

The Suites

There was a moment earlier this year when a basic Club Suite was well above 20 SOL, and I was miffed at myself for missing the mint. Today, you can pick them up in the 4.5 range.

The story here is very simple and very compelling: Sports, and the fact that only 4,500 Suites exist.



Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)

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