Death and Crypto: How to Ensure Your Heirs Inherit Your Digital Wealth

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
7 min readMay 30, 2023

In the end, we’re all dead … yet, our crypto lives on.

Question is: Will it remain locked in your wallet forever, never to again see the generative pixel light of a digital day? Or will it go to your heirs — so they can complain about why didn’t sell the top when you were alive in the first place?

I’ve been contemplating this issue myself over the last year or so. My crypto wealth has reached a stage where it’s certainly bigger than a bread box, and if I died tomorrow the people I care about most in the world would have zero way of accessing my crypto and NFT holdings.

Which is where Webacy joins our story…

(NOTE: This story is appearing simultaneously with my post on my Subtack newsletter Jeffo’s Ministry of Alpha. I am posting is simultaneously because the story is about the value of what Webacy provides, rather than an investment recommendation, which always appears in Ministry of Alpha first.)

San Francisco-based Webacy launched in 2021 and raised more than $5 million in a venture-capital seed round. What those VC investors saw is a new and innovative way to both protect crypto assets in the here and now, and a way of ensuring that they live on when you depart for the ever-after.

Webacy accomplishes this through two primary products: Wallet Watch (and its associated “Panic Button”) and Crypto Will.

Both are extraordinarily useful … and they’re free, so long as you own a Grimmies NFT in your Ethereum-based wallet. One Grimmie in each ETH wallet unlocks the entire Webacy suite of offerings, otherwise the cost of protecting your portfolio and ensuring it lives on after you’ve renounced your oxygen habit is $100 per year or $10 a month. (Grimmies trade on OpenSea and fetch about 0.015 ETH — $28.50 — as I write this.)

A Grimmies NFT on OpenSea

So, let’s dive into what Webacy offers so you can see why this is one of the best real-world NFT use cases I’ve come across yet.

And let me say right up front that this is not a story “just for boomers.”

Young people and middle-aged folks die all the time. They need these services as much as older boomers do because they’ve accumulated serious crypto wealth and it…



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