A Simple Coin-Flip NFT Generating Real Dollars For Owners

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
5 min readJan 26, 2023

NOTE: This story first appeared in my Ministry of Alpha NFT newsletter on Substack. I have reprinted it here with minor modifications.

Finally, I’m sensing “animal spirits” again.

For months, crypto has felt like a wasteland of despair. An over-aggressive Federal Reserve fighting an inflation battle over which it has very limited control, combined with a bushy-haired crypto-fraudster involved in a polyamorous Caribbean sex circus will do that to a market.

Alas, the FTX scandal is fading, and the Fed is rapidly approaching an inflection point at which its interest-rate hikes will cease. The market is already telling us that day is near. The U.S. dollar, which had been riding an interest-rate sugar high for most of 2022, has been plunging of late. In last year’s final quarter, the buck suffered its worst quarterly decline in more than a decade.

And recently, we’ve seen Solana pop higher — up more than 120% since late-December lows.

Hard to say with any certainty if that will continue, of course. Solana could very well retest lows because we’re still mired in a morass of economic uncertainty.

But what seems likely is that the crypto market writ large will begin to benefit from structural tailwinds the moment the Federal Reserve officially announces that its rate-hike fever dream is finished.



Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)

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