$4,100 a Month? The Shadowy Super Coder NFT Money Machine

Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)
9 min readDec 15, 2021

It’s hard not to overhype this story. So much hopium floods the cryptosphere I fear being labeled a pusher.

But I will declare here that the GenesysGO Shadowy Super Coder NFT is going to go down as a legendary investment. At bare minimum, I see it spinning off about $4,100 per month, starting Jan. 4.

The problem, however, is this: Too many former SSC NFT holders do not understand what happened in the Town Hall yesterday (14 Dec), and rushed for the exits.

Brief aside: You know those stories of lottery winners who lose their $1 million winning ticket, and then beat themselves up thinking about what could’ve been?

Brief aside over… The GenesysGO team held its third Town Hall with more than 450 members of the Shadow DAO. These are the immediate highlights you need to know if you’re an SSC NFT owner, or you’re thinking of investing in one … or if you’re one of those who have an SSC listed right now…

  • GenesysGO has set the IDO date for its $SHDW token. It will happen Jan. 3 — 8am Central Time, US. (2pm UTC).
  • IDO price is $0.50.
  • GenesysGO has tweaked its previous token distribution model to create a unique system based on daily vesting, in which each NFT will spin out 27.39726 $SHDW tokens per day, every day, for a full year.
  • GenesysGO — and this is most important — is expanding its mission beyond Remote Procedure Call serves (a commodity) to on-chain storage built directly into the SOL network (a premium service). The $SHDW token, thus, becomes a true utility token that will serve as the payment mechanism for storage needs. This becomes the revenue stream — and it’s potentially huge.

I will address key elements of those bullet points in a moment. But first, a crucial public service announcement: Despite all the angst I’ve seen in the GenesysGO Discord server, what GenesysGO is doing is hugely beneficial to NFT holders. It’s going to:

  • Protect the tokens from the typical post-IDO dump that ALWAYS happens.
  • Maintain value of the NFT itself, post-IDO (a big concern many people had).
  • Give NFT owners far greater flexibility than they had under the previous IDO…
Jeff Opdyke (Jeffo)

Former Wall Street Journal writer living in Prague. Crypto and investing. Editor Global Intelligence Letter. Also on Substack: jeffoalpha.substack.com/