119% Per Week UPDATE: The Math is Dead Wrong!

When is 119% really 19%? When you run a DeFi site and you don’t understand basic, financial math.

That’s the underlying flaw with BNBmatrix, the site I’ve been testing for the last seven days.

Their pitch is this: Deposit Binance coin ($BNB) and earn 17% per day, 119% per week. (You can make deposits for any term between 7 and 30 days.)

To me (who spent 17 years as a financial writer at The Wall Street Journal, and was a hedge fund trader/analyst) and to anyone else who understands basic, financial…



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Jeff Opdyke

Jeff Opdyke


Former Wall Street Journal writer now living in Prague, covering crypto, economics, and investing. Editor of Global Intelligence Letter and Frontier Fortunes.